I help women…

transform their life’s “PhD” into a profitable business.

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Who am I?

My name is Pascale and I am your Life Transformation Coach!  

Are you wondering how I can help you?

I combine my years of experience in teaching, coach training, energy work and entrepreneurship to empower you to align with the energy of the Universe, elevate your message and thrive in your business!

In this co-creative relationship, my commitment is to provide you with tools and strategies, accountability, understanding, and support.

The time to start on your journey toward abundant success is now!

Our Mission

At Women Finding Clarity, we wholeheartedly embrace the nurturing wisdom and transformative power of the divine feminine. Our mission is to empower women coaches, healers, and speakers on their journey to harness the potent energy of the divine feminine within and around them.

We honor and celebrate the sacred essence of the feminine, embodying compassion, intuition, collaboration, and creativity as foundational pillars of our coaching practice. We guide our clients to nurture their authentic selves, cultivate their innate gifts, and amplify their voices in the world.

Our purpose is to create a supportive, nurturing space where women can confidently and fearlessly transform their personal stories and life experiences into a purposeful speaking business. We believe in the alchemy of personal growth and entrepreneurship, merging the realms of spirit and business in a harmonious dance.

With a foundation of balance between the masculine and feminine energies, we guide our clients to rise in abundance, calling forth prosperity and success in all facets of their lives. We strive to help women align with their highest potential, elevate their consciousness, and thrive in both their personal and professional endeavors.

We stand firm in the belief that every woman possesses within her the innate capacity to manifest success abundantly. Our mission is to be the catalyst that ignites the flame of empowerment, allowing women to rise in their brilliance, knowing that success is their birthright.

Together, we align, elevate, and thrive—honoring the boundless abundance of the Universe, amplifying our voices, and nurturing a global sisterhood of empowered women, one transformative conversation at a time.

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