I support women...

to find clarity in who they are from within,

so they can cultivate true happiness

and a life they love!

Who am I?

My name is Pascale! I’ve been married since 2001 and we have 3 amazing children.

For most of my children's lives I was a stay-home mom- it was both the hardest and best thing I've ever done!

In those years I learned so much about raising children, keeping a marriage strong and what it means to be truly happy, from the inside.

How can I help you?

Add all of that to my previous teaching experience, coach training and Reiki Master certification and you can see why I AM The Happiness Coach-

I use all my life's experience to support married women with the tools and strategies I've discovered and learned along my journey,

-to rediscover who THEY are,

-so they can rebuild a strong foundation for connection.

In this co-creative relationship, my commitment is to provide you with tools and strategies, accountability, understanding, and support.

The time to start on your journey toward happiness, by making yourself and your marriage a priority begins today!

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I stand for all women…

I stand for all women who ever felt like they weren't enough or who ever felt like they didn't fit in.

I stand for all women who have ever had their voice silenced, have ever been told they were not enough or were too much.

I stand for all women who have lost themselves, while in service of others.

I stand and shine my light for all women, until they are able to shine their light brightly, so they can then turn and light the way for the next woman coming behind them.

I stand for all women.

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